Roll-off Containers

Containers by Reaves provides 12, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard roll-off containers for your construction or demolition projects. Our long history in the roll-off container business means that we are uniquely qualified to provide optimum service – we understand the needs and challenges of today’s construction and demolition projects. While our business is geared to the professional contractor, we also provide these same containers for residential customers.

We provide heavy-duty containers which are optimized for the construction/demolition environment. Our drivers are experienced and are eager to provide excellent, efficient service. We feature a flat-rate pricing structure – you never have to worry about someone placing a bucket-load of dirt or piece of concrete on a load and doubling the cost of disposal. We will work with you to provide dedicated trucking on your site to improve efficiency. We also have after-hours and weekend capability as well due to our access to a company-owned landfill.

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Roll-Off Container Guidelines:

Our roll-off containers are built for the storage and transportation of construction and demolition debris only. We can accept lumber, bricks, blocks, slabs, packaging, pallets, tree/yard waste, non-asbestos fiberglass insulation and roofing, metals, etc. If you have a question about any material to be placed in the container, please call us BEFORE placing it in the load.

Do not overfill the container! The following conditions constitute an overfilled container:

  • Any debris that is higher than the sides of the container.
  • Any dirt or concrete in a 12-yard container or a 40-yard container; dirt and concrete cannot be placed in these size containers.
  • Any dirt or concrete which fills a 20- or 30-yard container more than ½ full
  • Our containers can weigh a maximum of 15 tons; the above guidelines assume loosely packed material. If you are filling the containers with dirt, please be sure to keep the overall level below these guidelines.
  • If we are called to service a container and cannot service it because it is overloaded, your account will be charged a fee for the unsuccessful attempt. The container will not be serviced until it meets the proper guidelines.

The following types of hazardous materials cannot be placed in the container:

  • Household garbage, including food waste
  • Materials that contain asbestos
  • Refrigerants including Freon or any appliances that contain refrigerants (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.)
  • Fluorescent bulbs (either whole or broken) or ballasts
  • Railroad ties
  • Mercury, or anything containing mercury (particularly thermostats)
  • Liquids, including liquid paint
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Any sort of electronics (computers, monitors, copiers, printers, televisions, microwave ovens, etc.)

The containers and the trucks hauling them can be very heavy. Many residential driveways are not constructed to handle the weight of the truck/container. We will attempt to place the container in the desired location, if it is safe to do so. Our drivers will work with your on-site personnel to place the container in such a way as to minimize damage to surrounding/underlying property.

Any damages resulting from the container or the truck is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Customers should never attempt to move a container on a site as damage may occur to the container or we may not be able to access the loaded container without property damage.

We will provide a container which is functional and structurally sound to your site. If a container is damaged while on the job site, the customer will be held responsible for the cost of the necessary repairs needed to return the container to service.