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What types of waste can be placed in roll-off containers?

The following things can be placed in the container:

  • Lumber
  • Bricks/blocks/concrete (subject to weight limitations, see below)
  • Packaging materials
  • Pallets
  • Tree or other green waste
  • Non-asbestos fiberglass insulation
  • Non-asbestos shingles and roofing material
  • Metals

The following types of hazardous materials cannot be placed in the container:

  • Household garbage, including food waste
  • Materials that contain asbestos
  • Refrigerants including Freon or any appliances that contain refrigerants (refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.)
  • Fluorescent bulbs (either whole or broken) or ballasts
  • Railroad ties
  • Mercury, or anything containing mercury (particularly thermostats)
  • Liquids, including liquid paint
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Any sort of electronics (computers, monitors, copiers, printers, televisions, microwave ovens, etc.)

How much weight can be placed in roll-off containers?

 The Department of Transportation restricts the weight we can legally carry on the road to 15 tons (30,000 pounds). This applies to all container sizes. If you are loading masonry materials, please limit the amount placed in the container to 12 – 15 cubic yards. Do not place masonry materials in the 12- and 40-yard containers. If we are unable to legally carry the amount placed in the container, it will be the customer’s responsibility to off-load enough material for it to be transported. If we come to your site and the container is overloaded, you may be charged for our labor and truck time spent attempting to provide service.

What types of waste can be placed in commercial frontload containers?

 Just about any non-hazardous solid waste that you would place in a residential garbage can to be picked up curbside can be placed in a front-load container for disposal. Oversized or long items left sticking out of the top of the container will prevent us from properly servicing the container. Do not overfill the container as the truck will not be able to service it.

The following things cannot be placed into a commercial frontload container:

  • Anything which contains asbestos
  • Electronic (TVs, computers, microwave ovens, etc.)
  • Liquids (paint, solvents, oil, Etc.)
  • Construction/demolition waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Trees or other green debris
  • Refrigerant-containing items (air conditioners, freezer, refrigerators, etc.)

How much time should I allow for roll-off container service from the time I call in an order?

 We make every attempt to service our customers in the timeliest fashion possible. Our goal is to complete all orders within 24 hours; however, during especially busy times, this may not be possible. Please call in your orders as soon as possible so that we can service you promptly. We dispatch work orders in the order in which they were received.

Where can a roll-off container be placed?

 We do our best to place containers precisely where our customers want them. Please understand that the trucks and loaded containers can be much heavier than most residential driveways can bear. Our drivers are trained to advise customers about potential damage to lawns and driveways which may occur due to the weight of the loaded vehicle, but the customer is ultimately liable for any damage occurring to property due to our placing the container where we are directed.

Can I move a container onsite with my own equipment?

 You should never attempt to move a container with your own equipment. Our drivers are trained to place the container as close as possible to where you need it. Moving a container can damage it badly and can place it where it cannot be safely recovered by our truck when it is loaded. If there are special circumstances which require moving containers onsite, please call us so that we can work together to find a solution which allows us to safely accomplish this.

Does Containers by Reaves offer recycling services?

 Through our landfill, we offer recycling services on select materials (brick/concrete/masonry, metals, tree debris, etc.). We can transport other materials to outside recycling centers. Recycling reports for materials recycled by our landfill are available upon request. Please notify our staff before the job begins that you will need these reports, as loads for these reports are handled differently than regular loads.